Atelier général du PNHE


Contact : Pierre-Olivier Petrucci (pierre-olivier.petrucci at univ-grenoble.fr), Martin Lemoine (lemoine at iap.fr)



**** AGENDA ****

Atelier sur les thématiques du programme national hautes énergies (PNHE). Il s’agit de faire un état des lieux des travaux en astrophysique des hautes énergies, en particulier des jeunes chercheurs du domaine. Le programme sera constitué par le conseil scientifique à partir des propositions reçues. // Workshop on the themes of the Programme National des Hautes Energies (PNHE). The aim is to have an overview of the work in high-energy astrophysics, in particular from young researchers in the field. The program will be constituted by the scientific council from the received proposals.


Vous pouvez trouver l’agenda final des présentations ci-dessous.// You can find the final agenda of the presentations below.

Le temps des présentations est de 15 min, incluant 3 min de questions.//The time for the presentations is 15 min, including 3 min for questions.

DatePlage horaireTitreOrateur/OratriceAbstract
07 Juin 202214h-14h05Welcome and short informationsP.O. Petrucci & M. Lemoine
14h05-14h20A new look at the archival X-ray transient skyE. Quintin (Univ. Toulouse, France) Quintin
14h20-14h35Reveal the nature of IGR J17586-2129D. Dehiwalage Don (Univ. Grenoble Alpes, France) Dehiwalage
14h35-14h50Using Vela X-1 to understand accretion and wind structure in High-Mass X-ray BinariesC. Diez (Univ. Tuebingen, Germany) Diez
14h50-15h05Flares from black-hole magnetospheresB. Crinquand (Princeton Univ, USA) Crinquand
15h05-15h20A hybrid numerical approach to model pulsar magnetosphere.A. Soudais (Univ Grenoble Alpes, France) Soudais
15h20-15h35Particle acceleration via magnetic reconnection near spinning black holes coupled to a surrounding disk I. El Mellah (IPAG, France) El Mellah
15h35-15h50Numerical MHD simulations of recollimation shocks among astrophysical jetsT. Jannaud (Univ. Grenoble Alpes, France) Jannaud
Coffee break15h50-16h20
16h20-16h35A unified accretion-ejection paradigm for X-ray binaries: Application to GX339-4 and LFQPOsG. Marcel (Institute of Astronomy, UK) Marcel
16h35-16h50Application of the JED-SAD model: From X-ray binaries to AGNS. Barnier (Univ. Grenoble Alpes, France) Barnier
16h50-17h05The role of strongly magnetized disks in the spectral hysteresis of X-ray binariesN. Scepi (Boulder Univ., USA) Scepi
17h05-17h20Lepto-hadronic jet-disc model for the multi-wavelength SED of M87M. Boughelilba (Innsbruck univ., Austria) Boughelilba
17h20-17h35Extreme astrophysics with GRAVITY : energetic outbursts near the event horizon of the Galactic Centre black holeN. Aimar (Obs de Paris, France) Aimar
17h35-17h50The mass distribution in the galactic centreG. Heißel (Obs. de Paris, France) Heissel
17h50-18h05Nucleosynthesis in black hole accretion disks: a channel to form 2P stars in globular clusters?L. Freour (Univ. of Vienna, Austria) Freour