L’astrophysique française à l’heure du JWST : opportunités et défis


Contact : Anaëlle Maury (anaelle.maury at cea.fr) and H. Atek, O. Berné, N. Bouché, C. Dougados, T. Fouchet

This SF2A workshop focuses on JWST, and is co-organized by the National programs PNPS, PNP, PCMI and PNCG.

As JWST will start operations in the summer of 2022, the next SF2A days are the perfect opportunity to have a general workshop addressing a large fraction of the French astronomical community.

We aim at presenting the scientific objectives of the JWST ERS and Cycle 1 programs where the French community is strongly involved, and a more programmatic / pragmatic session  focusing on the commissioning status, agenda, instrumental expertises, SNO role, and the tools available for the community to prepare for proposing and observation planning.

Due to the nature of the workshop, we have sollicitated speakers for providing the community an overview of the JWST programs relative to the different PNs. Posters can be submitted, and a poster flash-talk session will be planned accordingly.

JWST is a mission that will last over the next 15 years so it is specially of interest for the junior researchers building their profile: we thus especially encourage the young researchers to take part actively to this workshop: come with your ideas and your questions !

Confirmed speakers : Laurence Tresse, Pierre-Olivier Lagage, Michael Mattern, Aurélie Guilbert-Lepoutre, Stéphane Charlot, Meriem El-Yajouri, François Ménard, Véronique Buat.

Link to e-posters : Posters S14

DatePlage horaireTitreOrateur/OratriceAbstract
07/06/202214:00-14:20JWST - status and upcoming milestonesStéphane Charlot (invité) Charlot
07/06/202214:20-14:40Présentation of the ANO4 for JWSTLaurence Tresse (invitée) Tresse
07/06/202214:40-15:00PCMI - JWST observations of the interstellar mediumMeriem Elyajouri & Ilane Schroetter (invitée) Elyajouri
07/06/202215:00-15:20PNP - Observations of exoplanets with the JWST in the framework of Guaranteed Time ObservationsPierre-Olivier Lagage (invité) Lagage
07/06/202215:20-15:30Posters flash talks
07/06/202216:00-16:20PNPS - Investigations of ProtoPlanetary Disks in the era of JWSTFrançois Ménard (invité) Ménard
07/06/202216:20-16:40PNP - Probing the TransNeptunian region with JWST/NIRSpecAurélie Guilbert Lepoutre (invitée) Guilbert
07/06/202216:40-17:00PNCG - The Cosmic Evolution Early Release Science (CEERS) SurveyVéronique Buat (invitée) Buat
07/06/202217:00-17:20PCMI - Density structure and fragmentation of infrared-dark filamentsMichael Mattern (invité) Mattern
07/06/202217:20-17:35SAM: The promising AMI/friend of the JWSTAnthony Soulain (contrib) Soulain
17:35-17:50Preparing for JWST to unveil the sources of reionization: Resolving Mg II and other optical lines in confirmed LyC emittersFloriane Leclerq (contrib) Leclercq


Authors Title File
Johan Richard (CRAL), Miroslava Dessauges-Zavadsky (Univ. Genève), Angela Adamo (Univ. Stockholm), Matteo Messa (Univ. Genève) Star formation efficiency in giant molecular clouds at z=1 as probed by JWST Richard_S14_abstract.pdf
Dougados C., Tabone, B., de Valon A., Cabrit S. A cornerstone study of the jet/outflow connexion with ALMA and JWST: the remarkable DG Tau B system AbstractSf2A2022.pdf