Dust in galaxies: from the local interstellar medium to distant galaxies


Contact : Caroline Bot (caroline.bot at astro.unistra.fr), Véronique Buat, Ugo Lebreuilly, Thiébaut Schirmer

Cet atelier de deux demi-journées portera sur les propriétés des poussières dans les galaxies à diverses échelles d’étude. La première demi-journée sera consacrée aux études de la poussières dans la Voie lactée et dans les galaxies locales, jusqu’aux galaxies peu ou pas résolues. La seconde journée enchainera vers les études statistiques de galaxies jusqu’aux études des galaxies les plus distantes. Une ouverture vers l’instrumentation à venir avec un moment de discussion clôturera l’atelier.

This workshop of two afternoons will focus on studies of dust in galaxies at all scales. The first half day will be devoted to studies of dust in the Milky Way and in nearby galaxies, up to barely resolved or unresolved galaxies. The second afternoon will follow up with statistical studies of galaxies up to studies of the most distant galaxies. A concluding session will bring light to the future instrumentation together with time for discussion.

DatePlage horaireTitreOrateur/OratriceAbstractTalk
June 92:00-2:45Review: Dust evolution from the diffuse to the dense ISM (35+10)Nathalie Ysard Ysard Ysard
2:45-3.05Homogeneity of dust depletion in various environments (15+5)Jens-Kristian Krokager Krokager Krokager
3:05-3:25The dusty environment of IC 5063 seen under the (polarized) magnifying glass of the HST/FOC instrument (15+5) Thibault Barnouin Barnouin Barnouin
4:00-4:40Review: Our current understanding of the dust properties of nearby galaxies (30+10) Frédéric Galliano Galliano Galliano
4:40-4:55Resolved SFR and stellar mass determinations at kpc scale in the Antennae galaxies (12+3)Lise-Marie Seillé Seillé Seillé
4:55-5:10Microwave gas and dust emission in a sample of nearby galaxies with IRAS and Planck (12+3)Lucie Correia Correia Correia
5:10-5:25The dust continuum properties of 127 zGAL sources and their evolution with redshift (12+3)Diana Ismail Ismail Ismail
June 102:00-2:40Review: Dusty star formation in the early Universe: lessons from ALMA (30+10)Matthieu Béthermin Béthermin Béthermin
2:40-2:55High resolution spectra imaging of CO(7-6), [CI](2-1) and dust continuum of 3 lensed dusty star-forming galaxies at redshift 3 with ALMA (12+3)Gayathri Gururajan Gururajan Gururajan
2:55-3:10IR characteristic emission and dust properties of star-forming galaxies at 4.5 < z < 6.2 (12+3)Denis Burgarella Burgarella Burgarella
3:10-3:25Automated Mining of the ALMA Archive in the COSMOS Field (A3COSMOS): Measuring the dust and gas content of thousands of high-redshift star-forming galaxies (12+3)Benjamin Magnelli Magnelli Magnelli
4:00-4:20The future of instrumentation for dust observations: introduction to the discussionLaure Ciesla Ciesla Ciesla
4:20-5:00Discussion led by L. Ciesla & D. Burgarella